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How to create your links page. 4 minutes read

Though it’s pretty simple to build your beautiful, mobile friendly with us, here we help you a bit to build your cool with us!

First and foremost, register with us. Damn! It’s easy. Even a 13 year old can do it. No need to explain this. Do it (if not done already) as you do for any other website. We care about your privacy and do not share your details with anyone on earth! 

Once you login with your email ID and password, go to “Dashboard” (top right menu).


Click “Create Project”.

You will see below pop-up.

Give your project a name (any name of your choice) and click ‘Create’.

You will see below

Click “Create Link”. You will see as below.

For a bio link page, select “Biolink page”. You will see a pop-up like below.

Give your page a name. For example, you can use your Instagram profile handle or just any name (like “YOURNAME”).

We are using the alias as johndoe in this example.


Click on “Create biolink page”


You will see below screen.


Now you can start editing your own 1page.

Short URL: This is where you can change your alias on If you want to change it later, you can always do that (unless someone else is using the same). We advise you to use the same alias as your Instagram handle. But of course! It’s your choice. Use whatever you like!


Photograph: If you want to upload a photograph of yourself, you can just click the camera icon and upload your photo. You can do this on mobile as well as desktop. It’s damn easy!

Title: Here you can specify the name of your 1page. So if your full name is John Doe and you want the page to look like below, use your full name. It becomes easy for anyone to refer to!


It will reflect on the right side of the screen (where you can see how your 1page looks like)


Description: Here you can add any text about yourself. Now this is a place where you can kind of update brief about yourself. Be as crisp as you can to grab attention. We leave it up to your to your imagination and creativity.

Above descrtiption will look link below on your



Background: Here you can choose the background for your 1page. There are multiple options for you and you can choose any of them as per your liking.

You can click the dropdown to see the available options.

Adding your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.) links to your 1page:

Click on settings:

Scroll down until you see the button “Socials”


Click on the “Social Buttons”. Here you can update all your social links.

Important: While adding your social links, only mention the handle name and NOT the whole link. For example, if you twitter handle is @johndoe, just type johndoe and not the whole link!

You can also include your contact details (email ID, phone number) to be public (if you are an influencer, someone looking for a job, an artist or a performer). Be cautious on what you share in public domain. We value your privacy and advise you to share only the info which you think should be made public.

Once you have entered all your social media details, do not forget to click on “Update” button.


IMPORTANT: If you don’t click update, the changes won’t be saved.

Adding other links to your 1page.

Click on “Links” tab on your Biolink settings page.


Click on “Create link”.

You will see a list like below.

You can just click on the type of link you want to create. If it’s a website link, click on “Link” as shown below.

You will see a pop-up as below.

Write down or copy paste the URL of your link and click on “Add url”.

You will see like below after addition.

Click on “Your own link here” to update the link details. You can update the link name (this will be shown on your and other details here.

Once you are done with adding/updating the details, do not forge to click the “update” button!


That’s it!

Now you can access your personal 1page bio at

in our example

Still have queries? Drop us an email at

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Last updated on: 12 December, 2020