Who we are

About 1page.bio

We believe that empathy, ethics, simple design and technology push us all forward.


We're THE tool for putting all your life on 1page!


Your 1page.bio not only points people — to your other social media profiles, eCommerce store, or content you want to share — but it also helps hold people within your online ecosystem for longer. Many influencers, brands, artists, IT professionals, publishers, students and people in general use 1page.bio to gather all their links on 1page for personal and commercial use.


We're a passionate team of people trying to simplify the internet for people. We work on everyday problems we face and try to find a solution to our problems by developing some cool tools - which are user friendly and easy to use.


We are tring to contribute our bit to make India a digital hub of the world.


We are open to investors who are in alignment with our thought of "Making the Internet a Better Place". If you are interested in being part of our journey and want to invest in 1page.bio, drop us a few lines at hello@1page.bio.


Last updated on: 25 December, 2020